Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Professional cleanings rejuvenate your carpets by removing dirt and stains, which helps to extend the life of your carpets.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services Provide Superior Cleaning Results

Looking for a cleaning service for your home or your business space, we provide services like none other. We believe that a hygienic environment is the key to better living. This is why we never compromise with our quality of cleaning. 

You must be wondering, what’s so special – there just carpets, right? Wrong!

No carpet is the same – they differ in texture, material and look – We know this and offer carpet cleaning solutions according to the type of carpet you own. At Dust & Spray we make sure that we get rid of every spot, stain, and odour, no matter how tough they are.

Steam Carpet Cleaning 

Be it your home or your office, unclean and dust-filled carpets carry dust mites and allergens that may cause several health hazards including allergic reactions. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential that you hire an experienced professional that employs the best dust-extraction techniques, leaving your carpets squeaky clean.

Our steam carpet cleaning service offers the best protection against germs and mites. The hot steam combined with high-power dust extraction tools suck out every small particle of dust, allergens, germs, or mites from deep within the carpet fibres. Unlike other companies that may overlook certain parts of a room that may look clean, we rigorously clean every square inch of your rooms because we know what looks clean might not be clean at all, thanks to the invisible germs and mites.

Our steam carpet cleaning method is a 100% safe and natural process, which does not interfere with the original quality and aesthetics of your carpet. So if you are looking for a carpet cleaning services that offers the best steam cleaning at affordable prices, get in touch with Us.